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Version 0.0.4 out
    mrbacon - 2005-06-22 00:13   -   Jisho-san
Jisho-san has been updated to work with the latest Mono tool-chain and released at version 0.0.4.
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CVS changes
    mrbacon - 2003-01-26 19:18   -   Jisho-san
The Glade widgets have been updated to use the new GladeWidget attribute. Also, the TreeView might be updated to support managed data, (it will hold Dictionarys directly). This will completely deprecate the need for Tree.cs (HistoryTree). Whoohooo!
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Version 0.0.3 is Out!
    mrbacon - 2003-01-19 23:37   -   Jisho-san
This release now includes GConf support. The color of results (kanji, kana, readings, etc) can be changed. Basic settings like spin-button values and toggle boxes are preserved.

Also, the source distribution now includes targets for distribution and installation.
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0.0.2 Released!
    mrbacon - 2003-01-18 22:32   -   Jisho-san
See the project page for download/notes links.
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Jibiki progress
    mrbacon - 2003-01-18 00:00   -   Jisho-san
It looks a little better, and searching actually works. Two of the three search options work--the search-by-radical isn't done yet. That's next! Check out the screenshot of CVS (http://jishosan.sf.net/screenshots.html).
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What is it?

Jisho-san is a GNOME GTK+ front-end to Jim Breen's Japanese dictionary files. It is written in C#, and was developed using mono, the free .NET implementation.

Jisho-san is romanized Japanese for “Mr. Dictionary”.

This program contains everything needed to start using the dictionary. No configuration is necessary. EDict is stored as a resource inside the Assembly. Additional dictionaries may be loaded from disk as well (not yet fully implemented).


Basic Features

[v0.0.1] [v0.0.2] [v0.0.3]


Contact Dave Bacon <dbacon at cis.ksu.edu>.

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